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Opal Wing Creations is a spirited designer jewellery business, aimed at promoting inner connection, awareness, empowerment and beauty through the creation of earthly inspired adornment.

My pieces are designed to honor the heart, intrigue the mind, adorn the body and nourish the soul.  Inspired by the untouched, organic beauty of crystals, fossils and rare gemstones, my jewellery designs honor the spirit of each stone.

Exclusively created by hand in my studio, each piece has a unique story and purpose, a predestined path specifically created for one unique person. The journey begins from the time in which these treasures are unearthed, to the design and execution of each piece. I am honored to be part of such a wonderful process of creation, and pass them along.

By choosing to purchase one of my pieces, you are not only supporting a local artist and economy, but you are honoring yourself and offering yourself another channel for inner connection and meaningful expression.

Which piece speaks to you?

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